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Graduate Studies is an administrative department that works closely with the faculty to smooth up your journey from selecting the desired study program to earning a graduate degree in that study program. We strongly believe in academic virtues and work hard to instill them in our students.

Our office is committed to providing the students with all the necessary resources needed to ensure academic quality as well as a systemic completion of their chosen graduate program. The graduate programs that we provide at BUITEMS aspire to meet the market requirements and ensure the students’ academic competence through relevant course work, field-based exercises, and research studies.

Welcome to the Graduate Studies website at BUITEMS, where you can access all the information you need regarding your graduate-level experience. The website provides you with comprehensive guidelines that will help you navigate through your study program. As the dean, my chief concern is ensuring a high-quality educational experience and making sure all their academic issues are addressed to the best of my abilities. ...

Considering the very real problems faced by educational efforts in Balochistan, BUITEMS has been at the frontline of quality, innovation, and academic excellence. We have been providing our students with a chance to experience standard graduate study programs without having to go to another province/country for it.

We promise vigilant evaluation of the programs, making sure our work with our graduate students is relevant to the demands of the market, so they can find their desired outlets to lend their talents to. We provide professional assistance to graduate students for the issues they may face during the completion of their study programs. We also provide advocacy for our students in the larger academic context.

Finally, I would like to mention the fact that the environment of BUITEMS is remarkably diverse, with students from every background. I take pride in our students’ ability to work in extremely diverse environments and their ability to be accepting of different cultures and languages. It is this unity, despite our differences, that is our greatest asset. I have complete faith in our students and ask for theirs because a healthy trust is the only way forward!

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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed
Dean Graduate Studies

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Our vision & mission, core value, organizational structure, graduate research committee.

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Saqlain Iftikhar

Being a grad student at BUITEMS feels awesome, my passion for electrical communication has increased

Birah Khalid

BUITEMS provides academic excellence and quality assessment which is what I am looking for my educational goals.

Abdul Basit

The fantastic and changed environment regarding studies, compelled me to join BUITEMS.

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