Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of a program at BUITEMS?

The duration of BS programs is four years, equally divided into eight semesters. However, the B. Arch program is spread over five years (ten semesters). Each semester is 18 weeks long, 16 weeks for teaching, and two weeks for the conduct of midterm and final examinations. The duration for completion of the MS program is 2 years from the date of enrolment into the MS program.

Can I change my program of study after admission?

Change of academic program is generally not encouraged. However, it may be allowed on the recommendation of the Chairpersons concerned and approval of the Dean(s), within the first two weeks of the first semester, subject to the fulfillment of eligibility criterion and availability of the seat. Merit of the student has to be above the merit of the last student admitted into the program to which transfer is desired.

What is the limit of courses in a single semester?

A student is required to take 15-18 credit hours course work per regular semester. However the Chairperson of the department may allow a maximum of 21 credit hour course work in one semester on the approval of the Dean.

What are the different financial assistance options at BUITEMS?

The BUITEMS Fee Concession & Scholarship Policy has the following aspects:

  • Merit scholarship (available after the first semester)
  • Work and study program
  • Fee concession for needy students
  • Fee concession for siblings
  • Fee concession for dependants of BUITEMS employees
  • Fee in installments
  • USAID need-based scholarship
What is a probation period?

Whenever a student's CGPA falls between 1.0 and 2.0 he / she shall be put on the first probation for the next semester

  • If the student fails to raise the CGPA to 2.0 or above, he/ she shall be placed on the probation for the next semester.
  • If the student who was earlier on second probation fails to raise CGPA to 2.0 or above, he/she shall be placed on the last probation.
  • If the student fails to raise CGPA to 2.0 or above in the last probation, he / she shall be dropped from the university rolls.

For undergraduate and MS programs a minimum of 2.0 and 2.5 CGPA respectively, is required to pass out.

Can I freeze a semester?

Freezing is not allowed in the first semester of a program. A student shall be allowed to apply for freezing of at most two semesters in his / her entire program of study, after the first semester.

For more information related to financial assistance you can contact the university advancement and financial assistance office.