Projects Funded By National Sponsoring Agencies

Research and development forms the core of life at Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS). As an institution of higher learning, BUITEMS is increasingly focusing its efforts and energy on R&D. Researchers at BUITEMS are continuously busy solving problems pertinent to the province, the nation and the world. Research at BUITEMS is rapidly evolving to a level where it will inspire game-changing ideas and new technologies that will help drive economic growth, while improving human life on both the regional and global scale.

SN Title of the Research Proposal Name of PI/Department Amount Approved (PKR Rs /Millions) Sponsoring Agency  
1.       Establishment of National Centre Robotics and automation (NCRA) Dr. Anayat Ullah, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering 94.357 CDWP (HEC)  
2.       Establishment of National Center of GIS & SPACE Application (NCGSA) Prof. Dr. Bakhtiar Kasi, Department of Computer Engineering   69.586 GIS (HEC)  
3.       Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Mixed Types of Plastics to Promote the Plastic Circular Economy and Resource Deficiency   Prof. Dr. Faisal Mushtaq, Department of Chemical Engineering   31.674   LCF (HEC)    
4.       Metering the aquifer using smart monitoring and a data-driven approach to assist in devising adaptive groundwater management strategy in Balochistan Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad, Computer Engineering 53.030 LCF (HEC)  
5.       Enhancement of global competitiveness of Pakistani textile export value-chains by capacity building and product diversification (Knowtex) Prof. Dr. Zameer ul Hassahn, Associate Professor, Department of Textile Engineering   20.729 GCF (HEC)  
6.       Determination of Molecular Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Patients in Pakistan for Early Diagnosis and Prognosis. Prof. Dr. Haleema Saida, Department of Biotechnology 13.86 NRPU (HEC)  
7.       Development of IR camouflage shelters utilizing balut. wool based composites Prof. Dr. Syed Zameer ul- Hassan, Department of Textile Engineering 13.319 TDF (HEC)  
8.       Comparative removal of some selected dyes under dark and light-assisted irradiation by recyclable porous Fe0 and Ag – TiO2-OTFFAU, CP, and H-ZSM zeolite composites Prof. Dr. Hameeda Panezai, Department of Chemistry, 9.934 NRPU (HEC)  
9.       Prevalence Analysis and Molecular Diagnosis of newly emerging, multi-drug resistant, Human pathogenic yeast, Candida Auris in the population of Quetta Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Department of Biotechnology 9.482 NRPU (HEC)  
10.    Computerized Disease Registry for Chronic Disease in Balochistan Dr. Jeneen Panezai, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology 8.756 NRPU (HEC)  
11.    Agro-Waste Materials Extract (Awme) as a Green Corrosion Inhibitor for The Corrosion of Mild Steel in Acidic Media Prof. Dr. Ghulamullah Khan
Department of Chemical Engineering
6.006 NRPU (HEC)  
12.    CRISPR-Cas9-based mutagenesis for the attenuation of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) as a vaccine candidate Dr. Faiz Muhammad, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology 4.277 NRPU (HEC)  
13.    Evaluation of Ground Water System and Explore Recharge Zone of Depleting Aquifer at Quetta Valley Dr. Malik Akhtar Muhammad, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences 4.210 NRPU (HEC)  
14.    Design synthesis and physicochemical characterization of selected naphthoquinones quinolones and isoquinolines-based drugs in the presence of surfactants as membrane models. Dr. Manoon ur Rasheed, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry 3.542 NRPU (HEC)  
15.    DNA-based floral biodiversity inventories of Quetta, Zhob, Musa Khail, and Harnai Districts of Balochistan. Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, Department of Biotechnology 3.452 NRPU (HEC)  
16.    Bio-Surveillance and GIS mapping Balochistan Bases   Dr. Faiz Muhammad, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology 0.2 NESCOM    
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