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Iranian Delegation’s Visit to BUITEMS and Lecture on Islamic Art and Architecture

Dr. Mustafa Siyasar, Director Art Division Sistan and Balochistan Province, Iran along with Cultural Attaché & Director General, Khana Farhang, Quetta, Dr. Syed Abu Al Hassan Miri and Dr. Abdul Hameed, Professor and Writer, visited BUITEMS on 23 November 2023.

The visit by the Iranian delegation to BUITEMS was an honor for the institute. A warm welcome was given to the delegation by Prof. Dr. Abdul Wadood, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Prof. Dr. Abdul Wadood briefed the honorable guests about various aspects of the university operations, faculty, infrastructure, financial aspects, and achievements.

Dr. Mustafa Siyasar delivered a guest lecture on Islamic Art and Architecture. He discussed that every nation has its own unique ideas of Art and Architecture which are often influenced by a variety of contextual factors. These influences can include cultural traditions, historical events, religious beliefs, geographical surroundings, and social and political engagements. They shape the aesthetics, styles, and techniques of artistic expression in different regions of the world. He presented the example of Greek art and architecture which were influenced by the concept of the cosmos. Secondly, he talked about the Christian art and architecture where they often depicted Biblical stories, saints and religious figures aiming to inspire devotion and convey spiritual messages. Lastly, he discussed Islamic art and architecture which reflects the oneness of God (Tauheed).

The Delegation was overwhelmed by the overall performance of the university. They thanked Prof. Dr. Abdul Wadood for such a comprehensive visit. They showed interest to work in future with BUITEMS. They expressed their willingness for undertaking joint venture related to arts and culture between BUITEMS and Iranian Universities through Iranian Embassy.