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Promoting SDG8 to Advance Agri-Entrepreneurship for Balochistan Youth

Taking up its commitment as the SDG8 hub, BUITEMS in collaboration with FAO, hosted an interactive session titled “Promoting SDG8 to Advance Agri-Entrepreneurship for Balochistan Youth” on December 4, 2019. The event focused on the development of Agri-Entrepreneurship for the youth of Balochistan to raise awareness and promote SDG8 among future agriculture practitioners and entrepreneurs.


Ms. Rosana Frattini, Partnerships Officer, FAO Pakistan, And Pro Vice Chancellor BUITEMS, Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khan delivered the opening remarks. T A keynote address on Innovative and Market Oriented Agriculture was delivered by Dr. Khair Muhammad, Director ORIC UET Khuzdar. Ms. Rebekah Bell, Head of the FAO Field Offices Balochistan, Ms. Ingrid Christensen, Country Director ILO, Mr. Gabor Molnar, Project Management Expert, UNIDO, also shared prolific information regarding sustainable developments and entrepreneurship.


A panel discussion on “innovations in SDG8” was moderated by Dr. Owais Talaat, Assistant Professor BUITEMS. The discussion panel included; Syed Nisar Ahmed from NIC BUITEMS, Ms. Asima Gulistan and Mr. Ahmed Jan from FAO, Ms. Ingrid Christensen from ILO, Mr.Zahoor and Ms. Saman from UNDP and Mr. Gabor Molnar from UNIDO. The panel discussion was followed by a series of case studies regarding the emerging Agri-Entrepreneurs. The case study session was moderated jointly by Dr. Zameer Ahmed from BUITEMS and Mr. Ahmed Jan Essa from FAO. Participants of session were Ms. Shazia (Poultry), Ms. Mussarat (Wool), Mr. Shenshah (Seed Production), Mr. Mehrab Khan (Seed Agent), Mr. Ibrahim (Incubator), and Mr. Habibullah (Sheep Fattening). The minister of Agriculture Engr. Zamarak Khan Achakzai was the speaker representing the Balochistan government. This was followed by the closing remarks delivered by Dr. Naeem Shahwani, Director ORIC BUITEMS.

15 May, 2020

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